Postcard - Souvenir of Rylstone

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

1. Rylstone Memorial Hall
2. CWA Cottage and in background, Show Cottage before it was moved to BVI site to become the Cottage Museum
3.This is looking towards the back of the Shire Council Building (now). In the forefront is Sammy's Flat with the Ferguson House midway in the photo. 
Photo taken looking from Tong Bong Road.
5. Concrete road bridge over the Cudgegong River
Ref: Shirley Tunnicliff


Photo: Jim Jamieson collection


Photo: Jim Jamison collection

Trevor Harding's father (?)
Ref: Shirley Tunnicliff

Jackson's Corner, Rylstone

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

Taken c. 1890
Ref: Tony Ward Design

Louee Streeet, Rylstone

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

Louee Street looking southeast across to Cudgegong Street corner and the old Chemist shop. The awning of Jackson's building right front is the new building built 1929.
Bullock team
Ref: Jim Jamieson

Jackson, Harold Clarendon

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

Harry Jackson. Dagmar's husband and father of Norman and Marsden Jackson.
Harry died 1959, age 81 years.
Ref: Shirley Tunnicliff & Jim Jamieson

Jackson home, Rylstone

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

Dagmar Jackson (née Dunn) on front verandah, Cudgegong Street.
Ref: Jim Jamieson

"Dabee" wool clip

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

Gately and his draft horse team with "Dabee" wool clip.
Ref: Jim Jamieson

I’m sure you will recognise "Hedingley" in the background.
Ref: Libby Ferguson

White Bridge, Rylstone

Photo: Jim Jamieson collection

White Bridge over the Cudgegong River near the Showground, with Bisley's Store in the background.
Ref: Jim Jamieson

Zion Chapel, Rylstone

Photo: BVI Mural Presentation by Virginia Hollister

Here is the Methodist Zion Chapel, 1852 and in front is the first police station of timber slabs.
Ref: Virginia Hollister

The village of Rylstone did not grow immediately. By 1849, when William Arrnstrong came to Rylstone, there were only three buildings in Louee Street, including a hotel and a smithy. There was also a post office opened on 1 January 1849. In 1852 the first church building was erected, the Methodist Zion Chapel in Cox Street, now demolished.
Ref: W. Staff ed, A History of Rylstone, 1820 to 1988, Rylstone 1988, 1-2; Staff ed., Rylstone, 37, 49 

An extract from the Mudgee Guardian shows that a number of people attended a meeting called by the Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, September 28, 1963 for the purpose of forming a committee with the intention of preserving the Zion Chapel. The chosen name for this was to be called The Rylstone District Historical Society.
Ref: Mudgee Guardian article