Kookaburra March, WW1

Photos from the Kookaburra March, WW1

Kookaburra March, Running Stream (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Kookaburra March, Cullen Bullen (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Dorethy and Arthur MENCHIN's children

Found in Ruby LEIGHTON's (nee TURVEY) post card album from around early 1900s. Ruby LEIGHTON and her family lived in the Bylong Valley.

Children of Dorethy and Arthur MENCHIN (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Back (L-R): Iris, Robin, Pat, Carmel
Front (L-R): Ivan, Sonia

Source: Kevin LEIGHTON

Cudgegong (1926)

Cudgegong on the main road from Mudgee to Sydney in 1926.

Cudgegong no longer exists as a town following the construction of the Windamere Dam from 1974-1984. It is believed that some buildings were removed or relocated prior to filling of the dam although some buildings and roads remain under the water.

Cudgegong, 1926 (Source: NSW State Records and Archives)