Capertee School - Class of 1917

Capertee School - Class of 1917 (originally labelled as class of 1918)
Photo: The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

Front Row: L to R — Ted Moore, Horace Robertson, — — — Wright, Peter
2nd Row: Rita Whalan, , Cyril Forbes, Ethel Good, Annie James, Rupert Dennis, Lill Dennis, Merle Wolfe, Sadie Wolfe, Sylvia Forbes, Liddia Whalan.
3rd Row: Toppy Wolfe, Molly Cooney, --- Wright, Ivy Robertson, — — — Forbes, Rachel Forbes, Milly Tindall, Elphemia Dennis, Elma Whalan, Dorrie Whalan.
4th Row: Gabriel Jabour, Tommy Cooney, Spencer Collett, Violet Lowe, Gladys Whalan, Bernie James, Dovey Wolfe, Olga Homer, Ilene Jabour, Madeline Jabour.
Between Rows: Rhoda Lowe.
Back Row: Mavis Pay, Denny Cooney, Leslie James, Archibald Dennis (Teacher), Mick Bastick, Lenny Cooney, Grace Dennis, Ida Champion, Ethel Dennis.

Ref:  The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

The photo was originally captioned as the Class of 1918; however, a relative of Ethel DENNIS (back row, right hand side) has advised that Ethel died in December 1917 from appendicitis. It is therefore assumed that this is, in fact, the class of 1917.
(Source: Phil by email)

I notice the name JABOUR. Old Mr. Jabour Lived at the end of our street and I recall, around 1954, I was home from boarding school, when Mr. Jabour died. He was a very big man weighed about 24 stone! The undertaker knocked on our door looking for my father, Harry Lye, Harry was a powder monkey at the Ben Bullen mine; they needed Harry to blow a hole in the ground because the earth was too hard to dig and they needed a very big hole. My father used to always say Mr. Jabour was forever, perfectly preserved in rock.
(Source: Janice Lye)