Kookaburra March, WW1

Photos from the Kookaburra March, WW1

Kookaburra March, Running Stream (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Kookaburra March, Cullen Bullen (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Dorethy and Arthur MENCHIN's children

Found in Ruby LEIGHTON's (nee TURVEY) post card album from around early 1900s. Ruby LEIGHTON and her family lived in the Bylong Valley.

Children of Dorethy and Arthur MENCHIN (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Back (L-R): Iris, Robin, Pat, Carmel
Front (L-R): Ivan, Sonia

Source: Kevin LEIGHTON

Cudgegong (1926)

Cudgegong on the main road from Mudgee to Sydney in 1926.

Cudgegong no longer exists as a town following the construction of the Windamere Dam from 1974-1984. It is believed that some buildings were removed or relocated prior to filling of the dam although some buildings and roads remain under the water.

Cudgegong, 1926 (Source: NSW State Records and Archives)

Family photos for identification - Kandos NSW

Can you help Amanda Rowe identify these photos?

Amanda says:

"I'm sharing these photos in the hope of identifying some of the people. They are from the collection of my grandfather, Lindsay Wilson, and they are taken in Kandos. Many of the photos appear to be taken in front of the Railway Hotel, which is where my grandfather was living while he worked at the cement works in Charbon. My guess is that they were taken either in the late 1920s or the early 1930s and the men could be people from the town and/or colleagues, who may or may not have been from Kandos. It's a long shot, but just wondering if any of the men can still be identified."

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

Lindsay WILSON is man at right

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

Lindsay WILSON is man at right 

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

1927/28 Chevrolet Tourer (Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)

(Photo: Amanda Rowe)
The sign hanging from the verandah above the truck reads "W.F. DUNN MLA".
William Fraser DUNN, MLA (1877-1951), was a Labor party member and Member for Mudgee.

Ilford Public School

Ilford School, 1930 (Photo: graceslapp.com)

Written on the back: 'Concerning a fire in 1930'

(Source: 1930 'Old School Burnt Down', The Farmer and Settler (Sydney, NSW : 1906 - 1955), 4 October, p. 15. , viewed 21 Jun 2018, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article117514276)

Warrangee Station

Warrangee Station (Photo: Michael WALTON)

Warrangee Station, Glen Alice Road, Rylstone

Painted by Mrs M.E. JAMISON

Given to Rev. Harold Clarence George (H.C.G.) WALTON, who said he lived there with her after his mother died on 17 August 1887.

COX children, Rawdon, Rylstone

COX children, Rawdon (Photo: Kevin LEIGHTON)

Can you help to identify these children?

It is believed that these children could be among the children of Edward Standish COX born at Rawden/Rawdon, Rylstone:
  • Lilly Alice Standish COX (b. 2/4/1882)
  • Beatrice Standish COX (b. 5/7/1883)
  • Milicent Margaret Standish COX (b. 14/7/1884)
  • Edward King Standish COX (b. 24/7/1885) - died in Egypt during WW1
  • Mary Standish COX (b. 20/10/1887)
  • Florence Standish COX (b. 30/6/1889)
  • Miles Standish COX (b. 25/8/1891) - died in Egypt during WW1

(Source: Anne-Maree WHITAKER)

Mrs Brogan of Brogan's Creek

Photo: Dan Hatton

Portrait hanging in Cottage Museum, Rylstone

There are some BROGANs buried in the Rylstone cemetery (AustCemIndex). I wonder if Cecelia BROGAN is Mrs BROGAN picture above?

BROGANs in Rylstone cemetery
(Source: http://austcemindex.com/inscription?id=7612929#images)

Alexander McDonald and Ellen Sophia Riches

Alexander McDonald and Ellen Sophia Riches
Photo: RDHS Wiki

Alexander Wildfred McDONALD, b 1863 d 1929 and Ellen Sophia  RICHES, b 1875 d 1937