Rylstone Dry Goods Store (also known as Hardwick's Store)

The Rylstone Dry Goods Store, once owned by Edward Farrar HARDWICK, is located on the corner of Dabee and Mudgee Streets in Rylstone.

The present owner has renovated and restored the property in keeping with the original design and aesthetics as shown in the images below.

Rylstone Dry Goods Store (Source: Terrence KEEN)

Source: Dan HATTON

George Nathanial Mason

George Nathanial Mason

Cecil Mason Eileen Skinner & Family

Cecil Mason Eileen Skinner  & Family

William GEORGE and Ann OWEN

Photo: Cathy Hill

WILLIAM AND ANN, The background story...
William GEORGE and Ann OWEN were born at a time of great social change in Britain. The Industrial revolution had created a new middle class. Many new offences were introduced by the authorities to protect the property of the newly rich, and the numbers of gaol inmates soared. The end of the American War of Independence meant that Britain no longer shipped convicts to that colony and the British gaol system was collapsing. In response, the new colony of New South Wales was established in 1788 as a penal colony and by 1820, Sydney was a city of 12,000 people. Among other developments, a thriving whaling industry had been established.

WILLIAM GEORGE was born about Jan 1801 in Llangwm, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He died on 15 Oct 1869 in Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia. He married Ann Owen, daughter of Robert Owen and Mary Morris, on 11 Apr 1826 in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. She was born in Aug 1799 in Lydbury North, Shropshire, England. She died on 22 Jul 1874 in Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia.

Ref; William and Ann...a Lifetime Together-by Cathy Hill

Source: Wal Pilz

Edward King Cox (1829-1883)

Edward King Cox (1829-1883), grazier, was the eldest son of Edward Cox, M.L.C. of Fernhill, Mulgoa, and his wife Jane Maria, and grandson of William Cox.
Ref: Australian Dictionary of Biography

Perram Family

From left to right:
George Henry Perram (aged 7)
Isabella Perram (aged 11)
Mary Jane Perram (aged 18)
Ellen Margaret Perram (aged 14)
William Perram (aged 10)
May Perram (aged 4)
Elizabeth Perram (née Morrison)
Alfred Perram (aged 13)
James Perram (aged 46)

Photo taken about 1887.
Property located somewhere between Rylstone and Cudgegong possibly Carwell area

Ref: Perram descendant David Harris

Source: Wal Pilz

A turn-of-the-century bikie gang — Airly

 A turn-of-the-century bikie gang — Airly
Photo: The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

A turn-of-the-century bikie gang — Airly
Ref: The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

Jimmy Lambert’s breastplate

Jimmy Lambert’s breastplate, now held by his great great great great grandson.
The plate is decorated with an emu and a grasstree on the left,
and a kangaroo and grasstree on the right.
The inscription says: A Reward of Merit to James Lambert King of the Dabee Tribe.

Ref: Paul Perrin, great great great great grandson of James and Peggy Lambert

Peggy Lambert's gold thread sash

The silk and gold thread sash believed to have been presented to Peggy Lambert.
Ref: Paul Perrin, great great great great grandson of James and Peggy Lambert.

Charles Henry GEORGE (1885-1956)

Charles Henry GEORGE
Photo: Joan and Bernie George collection

Charles Henry GEORGE (1885-1956)
Born: 1 Jul 1885, Cumbermelon
Spouse: Belinda WALSH
Children: June married Jack FOODEY and Mervyn married Lola YATES
Charlie owned "Ashwood", Nullo Mountain, then "Lugan Park", Nullo Mountain 
Ref: George Family Records - spelling amended to 'Foodey' on advice from descendant.

Source: Wal Pilz

George Staff and others at Railway Station

Photo: Staff collection

Mr George Staff on cart, Mr G. Foodey, Mr Harry Davis and Asstnt SM
Ref: Back of photo - spelling amended to 'Foodey' on advice from descendant.

Photograph of an unknown couple - Grimshaws?

Photo: Dan Hatton

Photograph of an unknown couple

Probably GRIMSHAWs as item was donated to Rylstone and District Historical Society by Dennis GRIMSHAW.

Does anyone know who this couple is?

RDHS Item: 961009]
— at Cottage Museum, Rylstone.


Photo: Dan Hatton

According to the text beneath this photo, Jane FAULKNER is "believed to be a relative of the SLAPP family but information on this lady would be gladly received".
The Museum Index Card description:

Jane (née Kirkland) - B 1845 - D 1875
3rd eldest child of 11 children born to JAMES & JESSIE (Janet) KIRKLAND. Husband possibly HENRY FALKNER
CIRCA: 1870

Source: Wal Pilz

Jane Faulkner (nee Kirkland) was born 8 March 1845 at Hermitage (Lithgow) and baptised by the Presbyterian minister of the Vale of Clwyd on 8 August 1845. Jane was the third daughter of James Kirkland and his wife Janet (Jessie) (nee Taylor).

Jane married Henry Robert
Charles Faulkner at Rylstone on 6 January 1873 according to the rites of the Church of England.

Jane and Henry had three children:
    Arnold Richard was born 1873
    Annie Eliza was born 1875
    Elsie May was born 1887 and married Christopher Cullen in 1906.

Jane Faulkner died on 8 June 1906 at Coonamble where she was buried in the Church of England Cemetery.

 From: James Kirkland descendent - Elaine Myors

Source:  Wal Pilz

Marjory Molneau TAYLOR

Teacher of Latin and Geography, and Librarian at Kandos High School for a number of years. RDHS Benefactor and co-author of 'Rylstone Area: History of Settlement' with Bill Staff.

Husband, Bill TAYLOR (William Charles, married 1941 at Randwick), was secretary to the manager of Charbon Cement Works prior to 1950. They lived at Kandos and had no children.

RDHS Item: 960202
— at Cottage Museum, Rylstone.

Barbara McLACHLAN (nee McDONALD) (1848-1912)

Photo: Dan Hatton

Barbara McLACHLAN (née McDONALD) (1848-1912)
Barbara was the second child of John and Christy Ann McDONALD.

Barbara married Duncan C. McLACHLAN in 1868. She died at Rylstone on 13 May 1912. The identity of the baby is not known.
[RDHS Item: 960039— at Cottage Museum, Rylstone.

Airly homestead built in 1863 by James Gallagher-

Airly homestead built in 1863
Photo; The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

'Airly' homestead, built in 1863 by James Gallagher. Restored by the present owners as a fine example of early colonial architecture.

Ref: The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

Teachers and Pupils at the Rylstone Public School


Rylstone - The First Progress Committee

Reading from left to right;  Back row; Messrs. H. J. McPherson, J. A. Puddicombe, J. W. Jackson,
J. D. Reid, S. G. Benson,  Front row; Rev. H. D. Sealy Vidal (Hon. Sec.), Messrs.
William Taylor (President), and E. H. Davies

The first progress committee at Rylstone was elected in April 1899.