Boomerang - Cave Art - Mt Genowlan

A section of the rock wall clearly showing a boomerang. Any other objects depicted have long faded away.
Photo: Dingo Gap Gallery

Cave Art at Mt Genowlan is a reminder of the Aboriginal Culture in & around the Capertee Valley.

The Art consists of Stencils depicting hands & weapons.

The Stencils were made on a sheltered sandstone wall of a rock overhang & have managed to survive the elements.

The stencils are extremely fragile.

Ref: Dingo Gap Gallery

Cable drum and handbrake at Airly

Cable drum and handbrake

Photo: Bryan Ayling collection

 This overgrown apparatus comprises a cable pulley and screw handbrake, firmly anchored to a timber post and tram rails. Perhaps it was used at the bankhead of the Airly self-acting incline, in which case it seems to have been relocated a short distance, some decades ago. 

Ref: Shale mining relics at Airly by Brian Ayling

Tramway skip at Airly

Tramway skip
Photo: Bryan Ayling collection

Body of a skip used for carting shale on the tramway system lays overturned along the route of the self-acting incline. Remains of several other skips can be found in this area. 

Ref: Shale mining relics at Airly by Brian Ayling

Self-acting incline at Airly

Site of the bankhead
Photo: Bryan Ayling collection

Shale was carted from the Airly mines by horse-drawn tram to this point at Airly Gap, where a self acting incline was used to lower laden skips to a dray loading staith, for transfer by road to Capertee railway station. Today a few old timbers and broken cable mark the site of the incline bankhead. 

Ref: Shale mining relics at Airly by Brian Ayling