Photograph of an unknown couple - Grimshaws?

Photo: Dan Hatton

Photograph of an unknown couple

Probably GRIMSHAWs as item was donated to Rylstone and District Historical Society by Dennis GRIMSHAW.

Does anyone know who this couple is?

RDHS Item: 961009]
— at Cottage Museum, Rylstone.


  1. Can you tell me please if this photo has been identified as the Grimshaws? The man looks very much like my great-great grandfather William Martin of Dungaree/Rylstone. Dee Smith.

    1. Hi Dee, No this couple hasn't been formally identified yet. I believe the assumption that they are GRIMSHAWs simply because it was donated to the Cottage Museum collection by Dennis GRIMSHAW is a bit misleading. There are obviously many reasons why this could be persons with a surname other than GRIMSHAW! I have received your email separately and will respond to that as well. Thanks, Dan Hatton

  2. Could the couple be George Alexander Grimshaw (b1873-d1941) & Florence Olive Gerrett (b1878-d1962?) married Rylstone District in 1901? The couple had 7 children.