Rylstone Church - St James’ Church of England

Ref: Kandos High year 9 history project in 1976.

Pictures of the St James’ Church of England in Rylstone. The date in which it was built is unknown. The plaque out the front says that it was founded in 1850.It was extended in 1870 – the east end and the bell tower being added. It was consecrated in October 1964 by Bishop Barker, the Bishop of Sydney. The church was built from bricks??, stained glass and corrugated iron. 
In 1852 the Reverend James Guther commenced holding Anglican services once a month. At first he met at Blackstone’s?? Woolshed near Rylstone and later on in a building used as a school on Church Hill in the town.
Ref: Transcript of the presentation by a Kandos High year 9 history student in 1976.

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