Boer War - Trooper Wallace Eames captured

Source: SMH Wednesday 25 April 1900 Page 8



Trooper Wallace Eames, who was captured at the time Lieutenant Dowling's patrol was surprised by the Boers, writing from Pretoria, January 27, to his father, Mr. Thomas Eames, of Eastwood, near Rylstone, says :-" Just a few lines to let you know I am alright, and settled here permanently until the war ends, or such time as the prisoners are exchanged. I was riding a Boer pony the day we were captured, and he was shot under me as soon as the Boers fired on us. I jumped up behind a comrade, and we had not gone halfway up the hill when that horse was shot dead also, I cannot write much, as all the letters have to be read, and there are so many that the Boer censor cannot be bothered reading long ones. We get enough to eat and nothing to do, so its not so bad after all. We are fenced in with barbed wire and have galvanised iron sheds to camp in."

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