Hunter Davis - Drover

Hunter Davis - Drover

Photo: Kevin Gale collection

Hunter Davis’ life and times in Bylong and Mudgee

Chasing the lady bushranger:
Police and an Aboriginal tracker visited “Tryalion” chasing the Lady Bushranger.
The tracker was sitting on the verandah wall pretending to be asleep whilst curious Davis children looked on.
The children decided the tracker would like honey and raided the jar and waved a spoon in front of the sleeping gentleman.
Can you imagine the surprise when the tracker gulped down the honey, rolled his eyes and pretended to go back to sleep?  

How to fix a tank:
Old rusty iron tanks were repaired by cement rendering on both the inside and outside. Well before the days of electric drills, holes were punched with a pick - clunk, clunk. The holes were required to tie on wire netting for reinforcing the plaster.
A swaggie came along looking for a job and tucker. “What are you doing boss?” Clunk, clunk. “Trying to make this tank hold water.” Clunk, clunk. Apparently an unoffi- cial world record for the mile was recorded as he escaped the crazy folk at “Tryalion”.

A much loved story:
When Hunter was taking horses to Widden in an old WWII Blitz truck, this flash black car raced around Hunter and disap- peared in a cloud of dust. You can imagine their surprise when they had to pass an identical truck again, much further into their journey over Cox’s Gap. Being local, Hunter had taken the short cut through the unused Sandy Hollow - Maryvale railway tunnel.

The agronomist:
Whilst Hunter was ploughing new areas, a flash new car pulled up and a smartly dressed man strolled over to introduce him- self as the new district agronomist.xxxWhen asked for an opinion, yhr agronomistreplied that you would be lucky to grow cactus on this land and definitely do not under sow oats with
Later, fattened steers were so frisky, they escaped from the Mudgee saleyards down the main street. Then a reasonable crop of oats was followed by a bumper  Lucerne seed crop.
Ref: The Weekly, Wednesday, November 3, 20

The Weekly, Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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