Kandos Cement Works

The Kandos Cement Works

Photo: MWRC collection

The Cement Works played a vital part in the development of the Rylstone Shire.

Works have 5 kilns installed, and suggest photo would be approximately 1928.
Ref: Bruce Fleming


  1. Love your blog; don't suppose you know if you have any Gillespie's Donald Cooper Gillespie was employed there; and can I link this blog to my blog page for Gillespie thanks

  2. Hi Nancy,
    I have checked the books, "Kandos Cement" (by Bruce A. FLEMING) and "Kandos Collieries" (by Neil G. WALLIS), but I cannot find Donald Cooper GILLESPIE in the indexes. I did find a J. GILLESPIE, miner, employed ">11-6-1917" (presume this to mean some time after that date), and worked at the No.1 colliery. Feel free to link this blog to your own. Thanks, Dan Hatton