Workers on the Top Weir construction, Dunn Swamp

The Crew That Built The Weir
Photo: - from left to right:
Jim Pusell, either Hilty Tobin or Hector Cole?, George Pussell (the nipper), Noel Cole, Hilty or Hector ?, Mr. Bailey, Eric Townsend, Tom Cole, George Cole, Albert Mannell ( my dad, or Dub as he was nicknamed by his mates), and the man in front kneeling is ‘Grandfather’ Davies. ( He smoked a pipe.)
Ref: Jenny Franks

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful work.

    I just found this image of James Pusell, my grand-uncle, via a search on Pandora. I will be following your blog in my RSS from now on. I have posted about my find here :