Bridgelo School, Bylong

Bridgelo School, Bylong
Photo: Bylong Valley - Centenary of Education 1884-1984

Early in 1914 Bridgelo Provisional School was established. It was situated 41/2miles from Bylong, on two acres of land which was part of Mr. Elijah Mead's property. A railway line now passes through the site, which was leased by the Department of Education at a rate of 10/- per annum. 

The school building was a slab dwelling with an iron roof. There was a tennis court and a square iron tank, used to store drinking water. Mr. Cecil Daniel, a former pupil recalled;

"There was a fireplace in the school, we used wood to make a fire during the cold weather. The Government paid a small sum for someone to bring the wood, but the teacher and children would carry wood from the hillside and use the money to buy something for the school."

Ref:  Bylong Valley - Centenary of Education 1884-1984

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