Mrs. Daniels (nee Fanning).

Mrs. Winifred Daniels (nee Fanning)

Photo: Bylong Valley - Centenary of Education 1884-1984

Mrs. Winifred Daniels (nee Fanning) arrived on the mail car in August, 1930 and left in September, 1933. She recalls that; 

"there were about 17 pupils who either walked or rode horses. The original building is still there with many comforts. In 1930 there were no summer comforts, but an open fire provided winter warmth, with parents providing the wood. There was a tennis court at the school and a hall across the road with a piano, was used for Christmas trees. The teacher boarded at the Post Office nearby. 

"During Mrs. Daniels' period at the school it was closed on two occasions due to very heavy rains. By 1932 there were 23 pupils enrolled at the school. 

Ref: Bylong Valley - Centenary of Education 1884-1984

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