Map of Capertee

Map of Capertee

Photo:  The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

Capertee is a small village almost exactly 200 km from Sydney by road. The most popular route is by the Great Western Highway to Lithgow, then turning north towards Mudgee.

About 40 km along this road, you'll find Pearson's Lookout. From this high point you will see, to the east, a magnificent valley, bounded by soaring,' craggy sandstone cliffs. It's nearly 30 km across. You are looking at Capertee valley, one of the biggest valleys in the world.

Down the hill, just 2 km along the road, you come to Capertee, a classic Australian tablelands village. It sits virtually on the peak of the Great Dividing Range, about 800 metres above sea level. If you find the right spot, you can pour a bucket of water— so that one half flows west to the Murray and the other half goes east to the Pacific Ocean. 

Ref:  The Story of Capertee compiled by Bruce Jefferys

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