Bogie Farm

Bogie Farm

Photo: RAHS, Frank Walker collection

Bogie Farm (sic) near Rylestone (sic), granted to Samual Marsden.

Photo taken looking East.
In the centre is the original homestead of Pili Slab with an addition in Fibro.
To the right (partly hidden by the large tree) is a Machinery Shed, Blacksmith Shop, Cow Bail & yards.
Further to the right and further away is the Shearing Shed & Hayshed.
Going to the left of the homestead can be seen the Meat Room and then in front of a small tree is the grave of Emily Ash, 3 months old from memory.
Then to the far left (just in the photo) are the Shearers Quarters.
Behind the homestead is a sandstone floor/slab (iron bark) Garage with shot gun holes in slabs on eastern side where it is said they shot the attacking Blacks.
Ref: Gaely Braddock

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