Bullock Team in Main Street of Rylstone

Bullock Team in Main Street of Rylstone in 1907

Photograph taken in 1907.

Henry Herbert Davis of "Tryalion", Bylong Valley, the Teamster in charge of the Bullock Team hauling the Wagon loaded with 6 1/2 tons of netting wire, the very first netting wire to be taken down to the Bylong Valley, to net a Station in.
Taken in front of C.A. Johnson's Store, Louee Street, Rylstone.

Herb Davis would have been 26 years of age at that time as he was born in 1881. He is pictured here on horseback, with a suitably long whip to control the bullock team.

"Tryalion" property was taken up in the mid eighteen hundreds by Herb's father, Charles Davis and his wife Dinah (née Harris). Both are buried in the cemetery of the Anglican Church in Bylong.

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